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Dead Drop
2013 ‧ Drama/Action ‧ 1h 31m
DescriptionA former CIA operative, Michael Shaughnessy, manages to survive after falling from a plane. He sets out to find the person who attempted to kill him.
Initial release: 2013
Director: R. Ellis Frazier



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Dead Drop (2013) Hindi Dubbed Movie BluRay 480p 720p 1080p Dual Audio [ Hindi Dubbed 5.1 – English ] Free Download | 

Dead Drop (2013) Full Movie in Hindi [Dual Audio] 720p [HD] Free Download : After surviving a fall from a plane 3000-feet over the ocean, a former CIA operative turned government contractor re-infiltrates a dangerous North Mexican drug trafficking ring to find his own killer. With his memory unraveling, he descends into a murderous rampage while trying to uncover the truth. Who threw him from the plane? Was it his best friend?

Dead Drop (2013) Movie – Storyline

Dead Drop (2013) [HINDI DUBBED]  Dead Drop (2013) 1080p 720p BRRip 6CH x264 x265 10bit HEVC Download Torrent Full Movie Online Watch Stream  Movie A mexican drug dealer who wears a distracting amount of eyeliner shoots an undercover agent (Luke Goss) and throws him out of a plane—he survives and we follow him as he attempts to take his revenge. Now, that sounds exactly like a DTV action movie plot, but that’s not quite what this is. The movie has some action in it, but it prefers to explore the relationship between the dealer and the man he once considered a brother, giving the antagonist of the movie far more character and sympathetic motivation than villains normally get. This relationship—a betrayed friendship from the dealer’s perspective, something altogether more ambiguous from his former friend’s—is the heart of the movie, but it is not 100% successful because we never see them onscreen doing anything but trying to kill each other. Still, I appreciate the filmmakers for attempting something like this, very unusual in the genre. The hero is also revealed to be a more developed character, not just a shootpuncher, but a man trying to navigate the conflicting goals in his life. Even the side characters are given complex motivations and arc. A brainy action flick, light on the action, heavy on the characterisation.

Dead Drop (2013) – Movie Review 

Oh Amazon, how I love you; I’ve been looking forward to this movie for months and while scouring the internet, I finally find a DVD of Dead Drop. So, here are my thoughts on the movie. Luke Goss is rapidly becoming the next Bruce Willis and Dead Drop is one of his very best roles, so far. It’s old-school in its action but also has characters that you care about. The villain, played by the always great Nestor Carbonell isn’t a cardboard cutout but actually quite sympathetic and you can understand where he’s coming from when he finds out that his best friend (Luke Goss) is an undercover CIA Agent.The relationship between these two men is well developed and because Nestor is in fact a drug dealer, then you know that he has to be stopped, especially after he throws Goss out of a plane… cos you’d be pissed after that.It’s Hard R stuff as well with plenty of violence and it moves along at a cracking pace. Goss is out for revenge in this movie and anyone who gets in his way either gets hurt or killed.Cole Hauser also has a small but integral role as the CIA man sent out to stop Goss from blowing the whole operation; his character is interesting as you aren’t sure whether he’s a good guy or not so you are kept guessing. There is some mild humour as well, from the young kid that Goss takes hostage, but it’s just the right amount and he isn’t annoying.Director  R. Ellis Frazier’s films are always beautifully shot and this is no different. There is some stunning photography and a particular shot of Carbonell watching horses running during a sunset is quite haunting. There was a really nice touch when Goss is desperately trying to escape from being shot at and he jumps into a car. The engine won’t start and he looks at Rosary beads hanging from the rear-view mirror; he looks up to heaven quickly and touches the beads and the car immediately starts. I thought that was a cool moment ad something a little different too. In terms of flaws, I guess the finale isn’t all that spectacular but this is a low budget film so you’re not expecting anything too big. Rather than an out and out actionfest, it’s about the resolution of conflict between the two characters. Overall, Dead Drop is Luke Goss on badass form and it has characters that you actually care about; it is a little slow in parts but worth it. Dead Drop (2013) MOVIE IN Hindi Dubbed

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