ProJect Fan-Dub

Hi , Friends …. We Have started This Project to Provide what u want …

Like Everyone wants Game of thrones in Hindi … But only 3 seasons was available in hindi that we already uploaded … But There is really high demand of S04 in hindi …. So to make it possible … we decided to start this Project [ Fan-Dub ]

We Have Joined With a Fan-Dub Team & Together We Are gonna Fan-Dub GOT S04 For u Guys …

“Check Out Our Work – GOT S04 Trailer Hindi-Dub”
But We Need Your Help To Do it … Dubbing a movie or series takes lots time & Money …

So we started to collect Donation … So We Can Do it ….

if u Also Wants it & Wanna Help Us … Then Pls Donate

>[ For Donation Click Here ]<

Our Current Budget For GOT S04 Hindi is 30,000/rs
U can Make Minimum Donation of 10/rs … or More
We will Start Working on GOT S04 Dub After We Collected Atleast 5,000/rs

Thanks For Your Support !

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